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Waxmaid Vaporizer - Honey Pen

Waxmaid Vaporizer - Honey Pen

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1.The upgraded atomizer of Honey Pen is made of ultra-thin quartz chip and three coils evenly spaced across the core, which greatly improves the thermal conductivity of the atomizer core and shortens the preheating time to 20 seconds, ends your anxiety of waiting for heating from a cold device.

2.Waxmaid Honey Pen has 3 temperature settings ranges from 450-750F, Green light is 450-550F, Blue light is 550-650F, Yellow light is 650-750F. You can adjust your favorite temperature mode by clicking the multi-function button 3 times quicky.

3.The flexible tip is a 2-in-1 dab tool, put it on, it becomes a mouthpiece, and it will become a stretchable dab tool when pulled out ; the temperature of the atomizer can completely melt the wax and atomize it, say goodbye to an extra dab tool.

4.We use a 1000 mAh battery to ensure the Honey pen can be used up to 16 times per full charge, and charging will also be more efficient and faster as it uses the USB type-C charging technology, which normally takes 2-3 hours to be full.

5.The atomizer core and battery are connected by 510 threads, which can work with any battery with the same operation.

6.The wax jar at the bottom can store 1g of wax, you will never need to take a wax jar when dabbing outside, and the 6*0.87" size makes it easy to carry, perfect for travel and on the go.

What’s included

1 x Honey Pen Kit
1 x USB C Cable
1 x User Manual
4 x Quartz Balls
4 x Cotton Swab
1 x Heat Resistant Ring

How to use Waxmaid Honey Pen

1. 5 times quick click to turn on or turn off.

2. Waiting for 20 seconds to pre-heat the device before adding your wax. The quartz balls rapidly spins within the coil during inhalation, ensuring thorough atomization and complete use of your wax.

3. Click the button three times quickly to switch temperature settings; Green [450-550F] Blue [550-650F] and Yellow [650-750F]

4. There are two modes for heating, hands-on (Press and hold ), and hands-free (Double click to start automatic heating), this is also the way we suggested for miky cloud.

5. A Red light indicates the battery is lower than 30%. When the battery is lower than 15%, it will flash the red light 15 times and shut off.

6. The red light will also flash to indicate overheat protection.

7. If the red light flashes 4 times quickly, this indicates a short circuit, please re-assemble the atomizer to make sure full connected, or change a new one if it’s broken.


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