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Waxmaid Portable Rig - Dabber

Waxmaid Portable Rig - Dabber

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1. The Dabber atomizer is a quartz chamber(with three coils evenly spaced across the core), conducts heat better, maximizes the vapor produced, and keeps each hit tasting as flavorful as your last.

2. The special structure of the atomizer allows the airflow to spirally rotate after entering the atomizer . Combined with the rotation of the quartz balls, it can fully vaporize your Wax.

3. This Dabber dab rig provides a window into your dabbing experience, makes your concentrates clearly visible!

4. Waxmaid Dabber dab rig functions on three heating settings, there are 3 unique lighting patterns to choose from, you can also customize temperature(450-550F/550-650F/650-750F) and LED light color(Green light/Blue light/Yellow light), dabbing whichever way suits your needs.

5. The mouthpiece is made of platinum-cured silicone, which is detachable for easy cleaning, unique honeycomb design makes it more fashionable as gift.

6. The heavy-duty borosilicate glass Disc Percolator has totally different design of the Dabber Dab rig which ensures smooth, clean, and quality rips.

7. Via robust USB charging and a 1900mAH battery, the Dabber dab rig will deliver up to 150 uses per full charge.

8. Perfect travel partner.

9. 90 days warranty after purchase.


How to use Dabber Electric Dab Rig?

1. There are 15 seconds of preheating after each turn on, and it helps the Wax drop from the dab tool easier as the coil is warmed up; meanwhile we added preheat for each temperature setting, just 2 clicks to operate after turned on.

2. Click the button 5 times quickly to turn on or turn off the dabber dab rig.

3. 3 times quickly click to switch heating settings. When it flashes Greenlight, the TEMP is 450-550F; Flashing a Blue light, the TEMP is 550-650F; Flashing Yellow light, the TEMP is 650-750F.   
4. There are two modes for heating, hands-on (Press and hold ), and hands-free (Double click to start automatic heating), which is the way we suggested for miky cloud.
5. When the battery is lower than 30%, it will light red. When the battery is lower than 15%, it will flash the red light 15 times and stop working.
6. This dab rig will flash the red light and stop working when it's overheating protection.

7. If the red light flashes 4 times quickly, then it indicates the dab rig short circuit, you must re-assemble or change a new atomizer.

8. You must check the instruction carefully if you are new to an electric dab rig.



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